Who is he?

Ok here it is. My name is Jeffrey Shaffner. I’m a native of Baldwinsville, New York. May not have always lived in B’ville, but I consider it to be my home town. I have moved many times in my life and haven’t until now really found anywhere else to call home.

Military Service

Well I served in the Army Reserves for 3 years. I received an Honorable Discharge. During my service I was assigned to B company 479th En Bn (C)(C)(M) (Combat Core Mechanized), located in Oswego, NY. We were activated for Operation Enduring Freedom. My unit were stationed in Fort Hood, TX for Troop Movement Operations. Finished up my tour and returned home. Hey all I can say is Texas was a good time… Made good money, great food, and lots of fun (off duty of course).

Pleasures in Life

Well honestly I’m a simple man to please. Give me some good music (classic & modern rock), good food, and company I’m all set.

My all time favorite band happens to be Pink Floyd, and of course I love Green Day. I have my mix of mellow, and uppity music. Just gotta catch it in the right mood. But I mostly listen to Punk, and Alternative Rock.

And you guessed it I love computers. Ever since I touched my first one I’ve been in love. Give me a computer and I’m in heaven. Build them, break them, fix them, break them again. I love graphic design for the satisfaction of creating something new and original. Designing web sites for the hell of it… Well just because I can…


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