14 comments on “[HOW TO] Convert Ubuntu 12.04 to Linux Mint 13

  1. Just excellence here, could not be easier. For doing all the work, many thanks. Ubuntu 12.04 just too buggy for me. I am very much enjoying Mint-Maya-Mate. I really enjoy the Gnome 3 good job

  2. Thanks for this guide, much appreciated. I wanted to have Mint 13 installed on my Raid system, and it was just a major pain. I used the Ubuntu Alternate CD and it installed flawlessly.
    All I want is Linux Mate 13 with Mate. Do I need to install Cinnamon? Can I do without it?

    • No, you can use either one. I just haven’t had that chance to update the guide. I am currently switching servers, updating my WordPress install, and changing domains. But I promise I will update this post once I have everything all fixed up.

    • I do plan to update for a conversion from 12.10 to Mint 14. I just haven’t had a chance. I’ve only had one day off a week for the past month, and I just lost half my crew at work. So I’ll be working even more now

      • I’m answering to my own question. I ran this process for Ubuntu Quantal with one difference: replaced “maya” with “nadia” in step 2.1. Everything works like a charm. Thank you for your guide!

  3. Great howto, thanks!
    Just run into a small dependency problem: after successfully install Mint with Cinnamon I also installed Mint Mate in step 4. It complained about mint-info-cinnamon conflicting with mint-info-mate, so I ran ‘dpkg -P –force-all mint-info-cinnamon’. Everything went fine after that. Just wondered maybe I could just have skipped step 3 and went strait to step 4 (if one doesn’t need Cinnamon)?

    • If you pop over to http://blog.shaffner.net I have an updated tutorial that includes instructions for installing Mate & Cinnamon together. It addresses the dependency issue that you spoke of. Once again sorry for the delay. Just sucks when I’m working 15 hour days.

    • I would imagine so you probably would just need to change the distro for the Mint Repositories. But without any testing I’m not sure what dependancies you’d run into.

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